Medication Procedures

Medication Procedures Outlined

According to California State law, prescription and non-prescription medications are permitted to be taken at school only with a written statement from the physician AND a written statement from the parent or guardian. The Health Office has a form available titled “Authorization for Medication Administration”. Form is also available on the MRES website.
Written information that must be provided is: 
    · Student’s name 
    · The name of the medication 
    · Physician’s instructions detailing the date(s), method, 
      amount and time medication is to be given 
    · Parent/guardian and Physician signature

This information is required for all medications including “over-the-counter” Tylenol, ibuprofen, cold/allergy medicines, etc. All medications MUST be labeled with the student’s name and above information, in the original Rx or OTC container.


Please contact Kristen Hosseini, Health Technician, with any questions or concerns. 
[email protected] or 858-487-6887 x6107

Link to the District Health Forms

Poway Unified School District philosophy is that parents bear the primary responsibility in providing medication for their students. Whenever possible, medication should be administered at home. Parents have the option to personally administer medication to their child at any time during the school day. Health assistance can be provided to support student learning and attendance. Medication administration is provided under the direction and indirect supervision of the resource nurses in Health Services. If a student needs medication during the school day, the following procedure must be followed, according to Ed Code:

  • Complete an Authorization for Medication Administration form (H-26) for all prescriptions, over the counter, and herbal medication. The form requires signatures by both the parent and the student’s physician. The physician must be licensed in the state of California.
  • The completed form should be given to the Health Technician at the same time as you deliver the medication.
  • The medication must be in a pharmacy-labeled container stating the student’s full name, medication name, proper dosage, and time to be given.

Please check the expiration date on all medication you provide to the school site and update this medication as needed.

  • Long term medication: Provide no more than a 1 month supply and replenish the medication as needed.
  • Over-the-counter medication (i.e. Benadryl, Tylenol, or herbal medication): Medication must be in original container clearly labeled with student’s name. Parent and physician authorization is required.
  • Sunscreen and Throat Lozenges/Cough Drops may be administered to preschool/elementary school students with parent authorization only by completing and signing the top portion of the H-26 form. A physician signature is not required. All products must be in original packaging and labeled with the student’s name. No authorization for Sunscreen and Throat Lozenges/Cough Drops is required for Middle School or High School students.
  • Epi-pens and Epinephrine auto-injectors: A Potential Anaphylactic Reaction form (H-58) should be completed and signed by physician and parent. (H-26 form is not necessary)
  • Asthma: Please provide spacers for inhalers, if indicated, and review your child’s use of the inhaler with the school site Health Technician.
  • ESS and Medication: Health Technician and ESS Coordinator can communicate and share forms. However, you must provide separate containers of medication for each location.

Note: Poway Unified School District has a “zero tolerance” drug policy for all students.

Do not put your child at risk of receiving disciplinary action! Don’t send your child to school with any medication unless you have followed the medication procedure. Remember, even Tylenol or Advil are considered to be drugs.